Young Liberals of Canada (Quebec)

The principal mission of the YLC’s Quebec wing is to ensure that the interests, opinions and values of young Quebeckers are represented at the heart of the Liberal party. As the home province of Prime Minister Trudeau, we are proud of our government and its record of activism. We strive to be as representative of Quebec society as possible and ensure that voice of its youth is heard. (Sometimes this includes standing up against established party or government positions!) With clubs both at university campuses and CEGEPS, the YLC(Q) welcomes all Quebec students.

Executive Name
Section Chair Madison Lalonde
Vice-Chair (French) Nicolas Gosselin
Vice-Chair (English) Hosseyn Al-Moussawi-Wasserman
Finance Chair Vacant
Policy Chair Vacant
Membership Chair Elliott Grondin
Organization Chair Vacant
Communications Chair Benoît Ethier

Campus Clubs

McGill University – Liberal McGill

Chief Officer: Adam Steiner


Concordia University – Liberal Concordia

Chief Officer: Jamie Fabian


Université de Montreal – Jeunes libéraux de l’Université de Montréal

Chief Officer: Tasfia Rahman


Université de Laval – Jeunes libéraux du Canada de l’Université Laval

Chief Officer: Victor (Emmanuel) Kandasamy


CEGEP Jean-de-Brébeuf – Association libérale fédérale de Brébeuf

Chief Officer: Yasmine Atouani


Marianopolis College – Jeunes libéraux du Canada de Marianopolis College

Chief Officer: Madison Lalonde


John Abbott College – Jeunes libéraux du Canada du college John Abbott

Chief Officer: Rick Aiyer